Thermal insulation:
  • Wooden doors use special fillings and gaskets to achieve excellent thermal insulation properties.
  • Properly maintained wooden doors and windows will stay durable and strong for many years.
  • Wooden doors require the most maintenance. Even using the best materials on the market,  it is still recommended to repaint the wooden frame at least every three years.  It is also important to note that wooden doors can be easily restored.

Wooden doors offer the most possible configuration options and a wide variety of wood types. Wooden profiles are especially valued in Asian countries as a feature of luxury and coziness.


  • Aluminum forged wooden doors, combined with special fillings and gaskets, offer excellent insulating qualities.
  • Aluminum forged wooden doors offer excellent durability and strength properties- aluminum protects the wooden profile from environmental impact and strengthens it.
  • Aluminum forged wooden doors require much less maintenance. The aluminum profile offers good shielding which is simple and easy to maintain.
  • Although aluminum forged doors are a pricey option, their qualities make it the most optimal choice in most cases.

Aluminum-forged wooden doors are the most luxurious option that offers the qualities of natural materials and durability.  They won't require repainting for at least 10 years and will retain their best properties for a long time.