Wooden doors

HEAT: Wooden doors have excellent insulating thermal properties, but to achieve the thermal conductivity, wooden doors need to use special fillings and gaskets.

DURABILITY: Properly maintained wooden doors and windows will be durable and strong for many years.

MAINTENANCE: Wooden doors require the most maintenance. Even using the best materials on the market, it is recommended to repaint the wooden frame at least every three years. It is also important to note that wooden doors can be easily restored.

 PRICE: Wooden doors as an attribute of coziness, naturalness, and luxury in the home is one of the most expensive choices compared to other profile choices.

SUMMARY: Wooden doors have the most possible configuration options. For wood, you can choose from a wide variety of wood types. Wood profiles are especially valued in Asian countries and are still considered an attribute of home luxury and coziness.



HEAT: Wooden doors forged with aluminum has excellent, insulating thermal properties, but to achieve the best requirements for thermal conductivity, wooden-forged doors need to use special thermal fillers and gaskets.

DURABILITY: Aluminum forged wooden doors have excellent durability and strength properties. Aluminum protects the wooden profile from the environment and strengthens it.

MAINTENANCE: Aluminum forged wooden doors require much less maintenance than wooden ones. The product is protected on the outside with aluminum profiles that are simple and easy to maintain.

PRICE: Aluminum forged doors are one of the most expensive choices of the door profiles, but for those who want naturalness, exclusivity, and durability in the interior, usually it is the most optimal choice.

SUMMARY: Wooden doors forged with aluminum are the most luxurious choice. For those who appreciate naturalness and durability, the aluminum forged wood product will retain its best properties for much longer. You will also be able to forget repainting the product at least for 10 years. 


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