HEAT: Aluminum doors meet the highest requirements for thermal resistance, but this requires additional materials and gaskets, which makes the price of these products much higher than standard exterior doors.

DURABILITY: Aluminum doors are one of the strongest and most durable options on the market, which is why these constructions are used in all skyscrapers, as well as in other major buildings in the world. Being three times lighter than steel, these doors have the greatest variety of design solutions.

MAINTENANCE: Aluminum door maintenance is the simplest and most resistant to environmental factors. Due to this advantage, aluminum doors are used in most commercial buildings.

PRICE: The price of aluminum doors is usually, higher compared to steel or plastic products, but by choosing these products, you will no longer have to worry about the harsher environmental impact and product maintenance.

SUMMARY: Aluminum doors should be chosen by those who appreciate quality and functionality. When you buy an aluminum door, you will have the strongest and least maintenance-intensive product.


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